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was initially blamed on an anti islamic video that error on youtube, a film produced in the united states. phil matier continues our team coverage with reaction from the muslim community. >> in his global media age, film smocking islam and the subsequent riots in libya, are all part of a new american experience. for some 250,000 muslims that all the bay area their home. >> it is very sad, what ever happened, it is very sad. >> as the executive director of the council of american islamic relations in the bay area, he is one of the first to get calls for comment. >> what is the best way to respond to this? how can you explain to our fellow americans what is going on, and make clear what the position of muslims is on indiscriminate violence, it's very much feeds into the stereotypes that the filmmaker was trying to put out there, it has been very important for us to amplify the voice is a people condemning the mobs. >> as far as a backlash,? >> we are always worried about backlash and that is when something like this makes it into the headlines, we are on higher alert. but we have not received any
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1